Learn the Tried + True Way to Turn Your

Friendly Followers Into QUALIFIED Leads

That Basically BEG to Buy From You

(without using any trendy social media strategy)


As a business owner, running your business online (or offline) you’ve probably heard the famous phrase: “It’s just a numbers game.” or “Focus on filling your pipeline!”


When people give this advice, they’re basically saying that if you have a certain number of leads (aka followers), a certain amount of those will turn into prospects and ultimately you can bank on a certain number of sales from those prospects.


Here’s a simple way to look at it - your traditional funnel:

And so when you get that advice maybe that’s where you start spending your time. 


Your #1 focus becomes getting people into the top of your funnel.


You start doing all the things to grow your following and your list - attraction marketing, trying to go viral on TikTok, running ads for a free opt in, posting shareable Tweet graphic content, using hashtags, creating Facebook groups and hosting challenges - the list goes on. 


And all of those things can be great and they might actually do what you want them to do - which is get more eyeballs on your brand or business. 


But the question becomes: do the people that follow you end up actually buying from you?


Are they QUALIFIED leads that are truly interested in what you have? Or are they CASUAL followers that are simply interested in your life?


Before we dive into how you can know if you’re in this scenario (and most importantly what you can do to fix it), let us introduce ourselves real quick:


We’re Macy and Kat, co-CEO’s of GUIDE Culture - a sales and leadership training that teaches entrepreneurs and business owners the BETTER WAY to sell. 


We both know what it’s like to be pulled in a million different directions in this business world. Until we discovered the unwavering principles of sales (taught to us by our founder, Loy Day), all of the advice from the experts left our head spinning.


So much so that we both were left wondering if what we were doing was even worth it. Once we had these tried and true, foundational skills of business under our belt, THAT is when we became so passionate about helping others learn it too.


Which brings us to where we are today - teaching people just like you what it REALLY takes to make it… and it doesn’t include new strategies or tactics, contrary to what you’ve been told.

So, back to the good stuff - YOU can quickly determine if you’re in a situation with a bunch of casual followers (that aren’t actually buying) with the simple checklist below - put a virtual check by the statements that apply to you:


✔️ I feel like people are interested in ME, but not my offer. (how does that even make sense 🙃)

✔️ I feel like my content about what I offer is consistent, yet no one seems to be interested in it. (😞 - that’s all)

✔️ People in my DM’s are far more interested in the clothes I find on Amazon instead of what I am SELLING. (I’m not even a fashion blogger 😅)

✔️ I’ve grown my following, but it is not reflecting in my sales. (I thought it was a numbers game, what the ACTUAL 🤬)

✔️ My engagement is much higher when I post about my life, but it plummets when I start selling. (yes hi, I know my baby is cute - that’s not the point 😩)


If you checked at least 2 out of 5, we can almost guarantee that you’re in a not-so-fun scenario of working really hard on what you offer with little to show for. 


And if you are in that spot, trust us when we say: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


And quite honestly, it’s not your fault. You’re simply doing what all of the business gurus say to do, so it’s totally normal for you to fall into this. 


Before I tell you some good news (that has everything to do with how to fix this), let’s first look at WHAT a true, qualified lead even is so we can understand WHY the traditional way of doing things just DOES NOT WORK. 


Yep, that’s right - CONTROL, ALT, DELETE the traditional funnel out of your head.

Put simply (because we’re not about making things difficult over here) a LEAD is someone who:


  1. Has a problem

  2. Is listening to you

  3. Is in the right frame of mind to buy


Simple as that.


So, just because someone follows you because you shared that funny Tweet graphic that resonates with all moms in the universe, DOES NOT MEAN that person is ready to buy from you. 


The GOOD NEWS, however, is that you can actually turn your casual followers INTO qualified leads.


And that’s exactly what we help you do in:


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