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HINT: It takes 5 minutes and just one sheet of paper...yes, really!

Get the IMPORTANT Things Done on the Daily...

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, super mom or really just a

#boss you probably have A LOT going

on in your life.

You have big dreams and lots of goals and with that, it can be hard to know what to focus on in your day to day life.


Maybe you feel yourself being pulled into a thousand different directions. And because of that, maybe you’re putting off the ‘hard’ things.

The things that you know deep down are necessary to make your business and life better.


The things that you want to do, but can’t find the “right time” to do. Orrrr the things that reallyyyy don’t excite you so you keep finding an excuse NOT to do them.


If you’re ready to toss the endless to-do lists in the trash and have an actual system to GET THINGS DONE, Daily Deposit is for you.

            Why You Can Do ALL THE THINGS and

            STILL Not Make Progress

            Trust Me Friend, I Know What It's Like...

            I’ll never forget sitting on the dining room floor in my first house. I was fresh into this business thing and I remember feeling SOOOO confused.

              There’s all the experts on the Internet giving their advice and telling you what to do as a business owner and honestly it feels like whiplash.


              I needed to share my message with my audience. I had to create content for my email list. I had to set up all the tech. I needed to come up with a business strategy. The Instagram posting. The blog writing. The podcast recordings. The email and message responses. The admin. The operations. Oh and don’t forget the SALES 💸


              PLUS all of my regular life things. Like being a good wife. Spending time with my niece and nephew. Having quality family time. Running errands. I found myself questioning where all of that was supposed to fit in.


              I kept making mile long to do lists and it felt like NOTHING EVER GOT DONE. It felt so defeating. I realized that I kept doing the easy and fun things and all of the big things that would truly move my business forward kept getting pushed aside.


              I would go to bed each night absolutely dreading what the next day would bring… another mile long to do list with a lotttt of really hard things. Things that didn’t excite me. Things that I had been putting off for a reallyyyy long time. 

                I kept thinking: I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS PART OF IT!

                Until I Got Inspired

                by a Football Game...

                The truth is, I had been setting myself up to fail. The to-do list just kept getting longer. I felt behind allllll the time. I didn’t feel like I was winning.


                So, one day I decided to make it a game. I was an athlete growing up and my family loves sports, so it felt natural to call it the ‘Game Day List.’ 


                Think of it like a playbook that they use in football. The playbook includes all of the potential plays that can happen on game day. The players know exactly what to expect.

                          That’s kinda how the Game Day List is too. I set up my day with 5 HARD things so I know exactly what is going to be accomplished each day.


                          I quickly realized that I didn’t need to do it ALL. I actually needed to do LESS and make each thing count.


                          Oh and believe it or not, there was MORE time for all of the regular life stuff too.


                          Picking 5 HARD things that matter and that will actually move your life and business forward has wayyyyyy more impact than shuffling around each day, task-switching and hoping that you make progress.

                                    And You'll Never Believe What Happened After I Made It A Game...

                                    AFTER A FEW WEEKS, THE THINGS THAT KEPT GETTING

                                    PUSHED ASIDE WERE ACTUALLY GETTING DONE. I HAD:

                                    • built a website


                                    • set up an email platform


                                    • implemented a system for my clients


                                    • written 2 weeks worth of blog and email content

                                    • caught up on my emails and messages

                                    • made sales with ease

                                    • planned my Instagram content

                                    • time to read and study

                                    • the freedom to talk to my audience without feeling like I needed to do other things

                                    • the ability to do the things I love like spend time with my family

                                    • the confidence to run my business

                                    THE BEST PART? I FELT PRODUCTIVE DAILY -

                                    SOMETHING I HAD TRULY DREAMED OF.

                                    I finally felt ahead. Like I was running my day instead of my day running me. I was in control of my time. I could do the things I love AND do the things that really mattered if I was going to make it in the business world.


                                    It gave me the momentum I needed to get excited about the things that once felt so daunting.


                                    I kept tweaking the process and adding a few new elements that made my day EVEN better.


                                    I started to implement daily thankfulness, personal development and affirmations.


                                    Soon I had it down to a science - I took 5-10 minutes in the morning to set up my day… and it made SUCH a difference!


                                    People noticed. And they asked: “Macy, WHAT are you doing differently?”


                                    So I started sharing this Daily Deposit Method with my IG followers and people loved it.

                                    And that’s how the Daily Deposit Journal was born.


                                    The journals sold out FAST and I was like HOLD UP:

                                    People are experiencing the same problems that I had?! 


                                    I started receiving messages like this:

                                    Daily Deposit is the Tool with a 5-Part

                                    Proven Process that Helps You:

                                    1. Outsmart your brain so that you can stop procrastination in its tracks
                                    2. Cut the slack and take action
                                    3. Avoid self sabotage and get things done consistently
                                    4. Focus on priorities that will move your life and business forward
                                    5. Stay on track and WIN your day with a no fluff accountability system

                                    A Peek Into The Life You've Been Dreaming Of...

                                    Picture this: it's 6 months from now on a Monday morning. You pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and sit down with your Daily Deposit before your kiddos wake for the day. You woke up feeling so excited for the week ahead. As you’re writing down the things you’re thankful for, you take a moment and pause.


                                    You recognize how much you’ve grown over the last few months. You’re more intentional with your time and you’ve consistently been accomplishing the hard things while still doing the things you really love. Your progress is consistent, your business is growing and you feel happier than you ever have before.


                                    That’s the picture you want to see isn’t it?


                                    Friend, there absolutely is a way to have that life.


                                    As John Maxwell says, “you will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”


                                    The choice is yours.


                                    If you've read this far, then you are serious about ditching the to-do lists that never get marked off and implementing a real system to avoid self sabotage and get things done. 

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