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Picture this: you buy an online course that claims it’s going to change the game for your business.


You’re so excited because you just KNOW that this is going to be THE THING that makes everything change for you.


*6 months later*


The course is still sitting in your inbox untouched. 


If you run an online business, there’s a high chance you’ve experienced that before… and trust us, we have too.


Which is why when GUIDE Culture was created, we set out on a no student left behind mission so that you can truly experience the transformation that this training provides. 


We’re able to accomplish this no student left behind mission with the accountability piece that’s included in the online portion of the training - we call this labs. It’s where you get to put into practice what you learn during the sessions each week.


For the past 3 years, students have been experiencing true transformation through our Signature Online program. When it comes to an end, they always tend to ask how they can get MORE reps and coaching to continue refining their sales message


Which is when we knew that we needed another way for YOU to be put on the fast track…




            Looking for the Signature Online enrollment page? Click Here

            Join us IN PERSON and let us treat you to a luxurious experience so you can fully soak in your training and enjoy 3 full days with 30 other high level entrepreneurs.


            Just imagine this for a minute:


            You arrive at the Atlanta airport after a perfectly smooth flight. ✈️


            You gather your bags and make your way to the luxurious Hotel Avalon in Alpharetta, GA. You walk into the fancy lobby and simply pick up your room key at the front desk along with a bag full of goodies from the GUIDE Culture team - your room is ready and the payment is taken care of. ✨


            You hop on the elevator, find your room and are greeted by your roommate - another Gold Experience student for you to bond with. 👯‍♀️


            After settling in, you’re free to take it easy before your first day of training the next day - you can grab dinner at one of the many Avalon restaurants or even order room service to enjoy that cozy, hotel bed. 🛌


            After sleeping like a queen, the next morning you’ll wake up and make your way to the hotel Starbucks to grab your coffee and breakfast - you’ll say you're with GUIDE Culture and everything will be taken care of! ☕️🥐


            And the best part? You don’t have to worry about calling an Uber… and hope they don’t get lost. All you have to do is walk outside - we’ve got transportation covered so you can KNOW you’ll be on time. 🚗


            Oh, it’s time for lunch? We got you there too! Vegan? Gluten Free? We’ll have alllll the healthy foods ready for you each day of training. 🥗


            In between all of that goodness? All the training. All the coaching. And alllll the community.


            After your training each day, we’ll take you back to the hotel and you can plan to grab dinner with your brand new biz besties… or if that hotel bed is calling your name for an early bedtime, that’s cool too! You do you.


            It’s called the Gold Experience for a reason - because we want to pamper you like the winner that you are. 🏆


            When you join the Gold Experience, you’ll receive everything included in the Signature Online Program:


            • 8 Week Online GUIDE Culture Training ($15,000)

            • Weekly Coaching in Labs to Refine GUIDE Method ($10,000)

            • Mailed Workbook ($800)

            • The Technique Accelerator ($400)

            • Lifetime Access to Private Graduate Podcast ($2,000)

            • Lifetime Support in GC Fam Facebook Group ($5,000)

            • Lifetime Access to GUIDE Culture Training (PRICELESS)


            PLUS RECEIVE:


            • 3 Day In Person Training + Side by Side Coaching with Macy, Loy and Kat ($36,000: $500 per hour x 3 sales trainers x 24 hours of In Person Training)

              • In Person Training Date: January 5-7, 2022 at GC HQ in Alpharetta, GA
            • 3 Nights at Hotel Avalon ($750)
            • 3 Days of Breakfast + Lunch ($200)

            • Transportation from Hotel Avalon to GC HQ ($100)

            • LIVE Selling Styles Training with Macy + Kat ($997)

            • BONUS Beliefs to Buy Training ($497)


            = $71,744

            YOUR PRICE: $10,497

            (or 6 payments of $1787)

            Looking for the Signature Online enrollment page? Click Here


            Looking for the Signature Online enrollment page? Click Here

            Want to make sure it's a good fit? DM @theguideculture on Instagram with the first word 'BANANAS' 🍌 and you'll be the first to hear from a GC team member! 

            We really believe that having a level of In Person training allows you to soak in the material in a way that just isn’t possible online.


            Here’s what a few students have said about attending In Person:

            Lindsay M. | LinkedIn Expert 


            "I came to the In Person Training all the way from California and I can tell you that going from the online to in person made such an impact in how I retained the information. There's so much more that goes with it when you attend In Person - the community, the culture.

            It's so valuable."

            Bri G. | Teacher


            "Coming here and buying in from the first day is what changed everything for me. I've known since the first day of training, that this would be powerful and I told myself to absorb all that I can, so when I leave here I'm different - and that's exactly what happened."

            Mallory E. | Parenting Coach


            "The In Person Training is a TOTALLY different experience than online. It's a total vibe being here and experiencing the energy. Online gave me a taste and I knew it was special, but actually being here and getting to work with you guys in person is so different than what's possible online."

            Shannan M. | Serial Entrepreneur


            "Problems that I have been trying to solve in my business for literally a year, were solved in the first 10 minutes at GUIDE Culture. Those 10 minutes were worth the entire cost of admission. I don't know how I sold anything before this training. It was absolutely mind blowing."

            Emily P. | CEO at Let's Get Social Agency


            "Meeting all of these amazing people in person, you instantly feel like you're at home. The price of a plane ticket hasn't crossed my mind again. Being here in person, I know I got 10x the amount of information and the amount of community compared to online. BOOK YOUR TICKET!"   


            Erin J. | Dietitian


            "On Day 1, I had a breakthrough. A lot of times, when I tell my clients to make a change, they rarely do it. So it takes a long time for them to implement which means they don't get the full benefit of my program. Now I know how to confidently guide them from the start."

            Meredith H. |Corporate Leader


            "I definitely got way MORE than what I came here for. I was truly looking for community - I work from home by myself everyday, so I wanted to be around those like-minded people that are trying to be better everyday. Coming here, you have that feeling."

            Emily J. | Wellness Coach


            "Being able to practice in front of people and get constructive feedback was so helpful because instead of just reading what you're supposed to do, you're ACTUALLY able to practice and DO it!"

            Have a few questions about the ✨GOLD EXPERIENCE✨ first?


            We’ve got you! ⤵️

            What is the time commitment?

            What are the dates for the online portion of the Gold Experience?

            How is the Gold Experience different from the Signature Online 8 Week Training?

            I heard something about labs - what are they and how do they work?

            What are the dates for the In Person portion of the Gold Experience?

            If I'm not availabe on the In Person dates, are there other options?

            If I sign up now and later can’t attend the In Person training can I get a refund for that portion?

            Where is the In Person Training located?

            Is my hotel room included for the In Person portion?

            If I’m local or prefer to stay elsewhere, can the hotel fee be deducted from my total cost?

            Is my travel covered for the In Person portion?

            Do I learn anything new at the In Person training?

            Can I just purchase the In Person training separately?

            Can you tell me again everything included in the Gold Experience?

            What's the investment of the Gold Experience?

            Okay, before I do this - can you breakdown the timeline and important dates of the Gold Experience?

            Totally! Here’s how it works:


            You will start with the 8 Week Signature Online Training - the first session for this will be released into your student portal at 8am ET on Friday, September 10th.


            Following that, you will attend your lab group - you choose your day and time after you complete your purchase!


            The same process will repeat weekly - session content will be released every Friday at 8am ET. You will watch the content, do your homework and attend your lab.


            On October 12th at 11am ET, you’ll be invited to the LIVE Selling Styles Training that is included in your purchase. This will be taught by Macy and Kat via Zoom. You will receive more details for this from the GC team as it gets closer.


            Your last online session will drop in your portal on October 29th and your last lab will be the first week of November.


            Finally, January 5-7, 2022 you will attend the In Person Training at GC HQ in Alpharetta, GA.

            This sounds great, but I don’t think I can commit right now - when will this be offered again?

            If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re ready to really change the game for your life and biz and start getting the results you know you’re capable of. 


            The missing piece that you’ve been searching for is a repeatable sales system to follow that helps you communicate with your people in a NEW way so that they say “how can I NOT do this?”


            All that’s left for you to do now is take action.


            So the question is, what is that action going to be?


            Here’s a quick little quiz to know if the Gold Experience is for you (put a virtual check next to the ones that are true for you):


            ✔️ You love new experiences and meeting new people.

            ✔️ You’re missing the energy that In Person events bring to your life. 

            ✔️ You’re searching for a place to soak up knowledge AND implement it immediately.

            ✔️ You’re in need of community with people who do similar things as you.

            ✔️ You know you need to get out of your comfort zone.


            If you checked at least 2 out of 5 of those, the Gold Experience is for you, friend!


            Now, we know the Gold Experience isn’t for everyone. Can’t make the dates work? Not sure about traveling? Totally cool. That’s why we have 2 options for you.


            The point is that you take action on at least one of them. 


            It’s up to you, friend!

            Want to chat to see which program is best for you? DM @theguideculture on Instagram with the first word 'BANANAS' and you'll be the first to hear from a GC team member! 

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            Looking for the Signature Online enrollment page? Click Here

            Want to make sure it's a good fit? DM @theguideculture on Instagram with the first word 'BANANAS' 🍌 and you'll be the first to hear from a GC team member!